The Best Motorcycle Helmet

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Motorcycles, PPE, Roadtrip

Selecting the right motorcycle helmet during hot riding days can be challenging. is located in Florida and we have a fair amount of sunshine days, but also with the sunlight comes the HEAT. As a rider, father, and husband, the main goal is to arrive safely no matter where I go. We all have some tolerance to the heat, but riding a motorcycle with Flip flops, shorts, and tank tops does not seem to be a good idea at all. Perhaps this can be the default option for some riders but let us be realistic too. Florida, like any other State, has rules for motor vehicles. Motorcycle riders should understand that having minimum protection while riding can save you from nasty sunburns, road rash, or even death. Today motorcycle safety equipment like helmets, jackets, shoes, etc., is very affordable. This is due to the technological advances in manufacturing that are helping to keep prices within everyone’s budget.
A helmet’s main purpose is to save or minimize the risk of cracking your skull from a direct impact on the asphalt. Yep, it sounds blunt, but that is the reality. An exterior shell, an impact-absorbing lining, comfort padding, and a superior retention system all work together to protect a motorcyclist’s head. When choosing the best motorcycle helmet, safety and comfort should come first. Before selecting a helmet, you need to ensure that it satisfies basic safety requirements. Searching for the DOT label inside or outside the helmet can identify an adequately constructed, reliable helmet.
The sticker signifies that the helmet meets the U.S. Department of Transportation safety test requirements. full-face helmet will provide the best protection for your skull and face. Usually, the eye is protected with a sliding face shield while closed, but poor ventilation designs can negatively impact hot riding days in some helmets. Oh boy! the world-famous “shorty” or half-helmet. A critical safety factor to consider is that it’s more likely to fly off when you hit your head. As a result, “shorty” or half-shell helmets are not advised. Riders that choose novelty helmets with a thin or non-existent liner should keep in mind that these types of helmets need to be avoided at all costs. If you want to have the comfort of both into a single type of helmet, I would suggest looking into a modular helmet.  Not only are they functional in all types of weather, but a single-finger operation release lever allows you to flip up the front of the helmet and take a sip of water without dealing with a straw—another useful feature for the rider. Other riders like to wear a three-quarter, open-face helmet. They are made of the same basic materials as full-face helmets but without face and chin protection. If you’re riding with an open-face helmet, wear a snap-on face shield or invest in a pair of goggles that can survive the impact of a stone or other debris. offers unique and useful helmets at very competitive prices, so please take the time to see what we have to offer.


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