The Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in US

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Motorcycles, Roadtrip

Motorcycle insurance can vary significantly from state to state, averaging $702 per year in the United States. Because there are fewer motorcycles on the road versus cars, the insurance premiums options are more limited.

Motorcycle Insurance Cost Map

The above graphic is published on the website and offers a visual representation to understand insurance costs. For instance, the insurance premium for motorcycles is based on the rider’s age and the amount of coverage that the rider is requesting. To begin with, the cost of motorcycle insurance varies significantly from state to state. For example, it may cost up to $1,360 per year in California, whereas in North Dakota, it can cost as little as $382. The large gap in price fluctuations are usually:

  • The length of the driving season 
  • The number of automobiles on the road 
  • The hazard of the streets 
When it comes to ridership rates, a similar variation may be found. Mississippi (1.38 percent), Texas (1.67 percent), and Alabama (1.38 percent) are just a few of the states with low ridership (2.25 percent). However, some states, such as Wisconsin (5.89 percent) and South Dakota, have a comparatively high percentage of motorbikes on the road (9.47 percent ).  There’s also a link between the number of motorcycles on the road and motorcycle insurance costs. In other words, getting motorcycle insurance is less expensive if many other individuals in your state are also purchasing the insurance. Look at the state differences between the Northern Plains and the Deep South. For example, motorcycles account for 13.82 percent of all vehicles on the road in Montana, with an average insurance cost of $532. Motorcycles account for barely 1.38 percent of the market in Mississippi, and riders must spend $677 in insurance.  Can the insurance companies lower their premiums if we have more motorcycles on the road? 
This data was used citing two sources; Value Penguin, a website that allows you to give straightforward and reliable analysis to aid decision-making, and the U.S. Department of Transportation for 2017. Keep in mind that motorcycle insurance is not required in all states and coverage requirements differ by state. Nevertheless, the graphic can help you map the average annual insurance cost and is definitely worth reviewing.
 “, a financial literacy website”
 2017 Data “U.S. Department of Transportation”
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