NoviStretch®Batwing Style Fairing Mask

NoviStretch®Batwing Style Fairing Mask

  • Fits all Bat-Wing Fairing equipped Harley-Davidson Touring Motorcycles
  • Synthetic Stretch Fabric and Heavy Duty Elastic Trim
  • Hook and Strap© Installation
  • Patented Design 100% Manufactured in USA*
  • 12 – Month Limited Warranty
  • Fitment: 1969/Later “Batwing” Style Fairings



Special Benefits of NoviStretch Fairing Masks

PROTECTIVE Durable, breathable, quality material protects the painted surface from common daily wear without damaging the clear-coat paint finish.
TIGHT FIT Stretchable fabric allows for a tight, secure, contoured fit around fairing.
COMPACT SIZE AND WASHABLE Unique material and design allow for easy cleaning, quick drying, and compact storage when not in use.
EASY INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL Our fastening system allows for quick and easy installation and removal of the mask with no cutting, drilling, or permanent alteration to the motorcycle required.

About NoviStretch Masks

Will the mask damage the paint on my vehicle?

No! NoviStretch® products are specifically designed to prevent damage to the clear coat on today’s painted finishes. The tight fit, the material, and the method of our fabrication eliminate fluttering and seams that are an inherent part of the more traditional vinyl or leather covers. In addition, there are no “cutouts” on our mask that allow grit and other foreign material to get between the mask and the car’s finish.

NoviStretch® covers are constructed from synthetic stretch fabric that will not chafe or damage the painted surface and have been designed to perform in all weather & road conditions.

It is important that the painted surface be clean prior to the installation of the cover. Over time and with use, dirt or dust may work its way between the cover and the painted surface. Regular cleaning of both the cover & surface is essential to provide proper protection. Severe weather conditions or travel on off-road surfaces increase the recommended frequency for inspection and cleaning.

It is expected to see some cosmetic damage (small holes, thinning, fading, or discoloration) to the mask over time & miles as it does its job. However, proper care will maximize product life.”

Can I use the mask in the rain?

YES! NoviStretch products do not trap moisture and therefore there is no problem using the mask in the rain. Because the mask material is porous, it breathes and dries quickly and completely.

Will the mask protect against stone chips?

YES! The NoviStretch mask does prevent minor damage to the vehicle's finish that might otherwise occur if you were not using the mask. Our customer’s experience with the product has provided much empirical data about incidents where the mask has prevented damage from road debris.  While it won't stop a large stone from damaging your vehicle, it will keep it protected from the everyday bits of debris, road tar, bugs, tree sap, and other hazards you encounter with normal daily use.

Is it necessary to drill holes in my vehicle to install my NoviStretch™ protective cover?

NO!! NoviStretch™ products use innovative attachment systems that eliminate the need to permanently alter your vehicle in any way to use the product.  Installation is quick, easy, and completely reversible.

Is it difficult to install the mask?

NO!! NoviStretch™ is specifically designed for incredible ease of installation and removal.  Our products can be installed in around one minute or less after the car has been initially prepped to accept the product. This is one of many features of the product unmatched by the alternative protective covers currently on the market.

Will using the mask cause my car to overheat?

NO!! The NoviStretch™ mask is designed to allow for sufficient airflow and keep the car from overheating despite the fact that there are no “cutouts” for the grill opening. This also means that the mask is filtering out bugs and debris that would otherwise end up in the radiator cooling fins.

My State requires me to have a front license plate. Can I still use the mask?

Yes!! The NoviStretch™ mask is designed to allow the front license plate to be installed over/through the mask after the mask has been placed on the car. Piercing the fabric with the screws for mounting the plate will not cause the material to “run” when installed in this fashion.

Does the product carry a warranty?

YES!  All NoviStretch™ products are covered by a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers unexpected or premature failure of the product due to material or workmanship failure.  See our warranty for details.

What is the expected life of the product?

The life of NoviStretch™Performance Protective Covers will vary by customer use, however, our customers typically experience a 2-3 year life.

How do I care for the product?

The NoviStretch™ mask is easy to care for. The mask can be hand-washed (recommended), machine-washed on a “gentle-cycle” or washed directly on the vehicle and generally just requires rinsing to remove any dirt that may have built up in the pores of the material. It can be spot washed to remove any hard-to-remove material that may have accumulated. The mask should be “drip-dried” and never machine dried as extreme heat can degrade the elastic.

Will the mask fit my modified front end?

YES! The NoviStretch™ mask with its use of stretch fabric technology has the benefit of being able to expand to accommodate most front-end modifications, including the addition of ground effects, etc.

How does the stretch mask differ from other protective products on the market?

Our Patent Pending designs employ stretch fabric technology creating a truly superior automotive front-end protective cover. Unlike the traditional vinyl or leather mask, The NoviStretch mask fits tight to the contours of the car, has no cutouts or seams that can cause abrasion to the car's finish. It is extremely easy to use and care for. The NoviStretch mask is also less costly than the clear protective film applications

Where is the product made?

The NoviStretch mask is 100% manufactured in the United States using domestic and imported parts.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in


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